Top Eleven Hack tool and Cheats for Tokens and Cash 2017

Top Eleven Tokens Hack

Top Eleven is just the game for those who love football. Unlike the other football games, where you are the player, here in this game, you get to play the role of the manager. The game is very much accessible on both the Android and the iOS platforms, and the introduction of Jose Mourinho as the face for the game has only increased its popularity.  The players apart from having the opportunity to wear the jerseys of nearly 20 football clubs in the world, can also challenge Mourinho in the game and have the chance to get some neat tips from him.

Top Eleven Tokens Hack

What are the Tokens?

Like almost every other game on Facebook, the currency in this game is in the form of Tokens. But unlike its many counterparts, this game allows quite a lot of leverage to its players in the usage of tokens. The tokens are mainly used when you are trying to change your club details, make a bid for players and when you want to rush up any project.

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TOP Eleven Hack Tool Proof

top eleven hack tool 2017

How to earn them?

Even if you do not do anything in the game, you stand the chance of winning one token everyday for free by just taking part in the TV Rights contract. You can also get tokens by clicking on the “Win Tokens” button on top of your screen or buy them using the “Buy tokens” link on the screen. Similar to many facebook games, you stand to win tokens when you participate in a survey or through other offers. There are many ways one can earn a token in the game and following are some of them:

TV Rights: This works very similar to the sponsorship option where by fulfilling certain criteria, you get to earn a certain amount of token every day.

Referrals: Whenever you invite your friends to play this game and they perform a certain action, you stand to gain a token. Some of the referrals and actions and the number of tokens you can earn with them are:

  1. Strength: Invite a friend and they accept and register in a week, then you will be rewarded a 1 token.
  2. First class: If the friend you referred watched 3 games live, you stand to gain 1 token.
  3. Ticketing: If your friend managed to sell more than 6000 tickets for a match, you gain 1 token.
  4. Media tutoring: If your friend managed to win 32 tokens from one media session, then you gain 3 tokens.
  5. Champion mentor: If your friend wins three Champions league matches consecutively, you get 2 tokens.

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Why do you need a top eleven tokens hack?

Tokens, as a currency are used in every level of the game and hence you need them to improve your gaming and to move higher up the levels. If you are wondering why you need to have the top eleven tokens hack and not wait for them to get credited in its due course, here are some reasons to help you decide.

  • The game is so addictive that after playing for some time, you don’t have the patience to wait for the tokens or completing a survey to gain more tokens.
  • Building your dream team, requires you to bid for the most special players and the special players are often expensive and it could take you a long time to build your dream team if you want the tokens to get added in the normal way.
  • Most importantly it helps in saving your money and your time in getting into the game.

If you want to build your dream team today and join the race to become the best manager, then top eleven tokens hack is your key to victory.

How does top eleven tokens hack help?

To move to every level, the players are required to complete a certain set of tasks which in turn requires them to have a certain number of tokens. Thanks to the Top Eleven Tokens hack, now there is no need to worry about paying money for tokens. The hack tool will give the players access to unlimited credits and tokens to continue playing this game and moving up levels. Some of the benefits of having this hack tool are,

  • It is 100% safe and 100% undetectable and is completely tested for its compatibility.
  • It is compatible on both Android and iOS versions and even on all browsers.
  • The hack tool has an in built feature, which will automatically update itself for any latest changes or versions.
  • There is no limit to the number of tokens a player can avail from this tool and it is completely free of charge.
  • The Top eleven tokens hack is easy to use and simple to understand for everyone.

There is now no stopping you from playing the game continually anymore.